Who We Are

S. Electrical Contractors was founded in 2002 as a merger of two privately owned electrical contracting companies. Owners and lifelong friends, Mark Daugherty and Wesley Williamson, decided to combine the companies formerly known as 1st Electric & Wes Electric to create what we know today as S. Electrical Contractors. Their very different electrical career paths gives S.E.C. a unique perspective and comprehensive set of skills that can be applied to a wide array of projects ranging from residential repairs to commercial installations.


Mark Daugherty started working in the electrical field as a helper in 1984. A friend’s father, who was a foreman at an electrical contracting company known as Davis International, offered him a job. He explained that electrical work would be a good trade to learn, would help him make an honest living and give him the opportunity to travel. Mark agreed and was hired. After completing his first project with his friend’s father, Mark began traveling around the country working on various industrial jobsites working seven, ten hour days. His time with the company took him as far as Nevada. Eventually, Mark decided to take his travels a bit further and took a job working for Brown & Root, a Halliburton subcontractor, in 1989. While working with Brown & Root, Mark helped set up military installations and living quarters for US soldiers in various countries such as Haiti, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bosnia & Croatia to only name a few. His time spent in foreign war torn countries gave him a new appreciation for the luxuries he had back home. The locals’ vigor for work, humility and appreciation made a significant impact on how Mark saw work and life. Finally, after a 12 year stretch overseas, he decided it was time to move back to the US and start the next chapter in his career. 


Wesley Williamson took his first job as an electrician’s helper in 1984 after being inspired by the craftsmanship and technicality he said he saw in another contractor’s work. He was hired on with Pan-American Electrical Contractors working on a Doctor’s Hospital. Although he didn’t start with the technical wiring he admired, he quickly rose through the ranks. Soon, he was running conduit independently and wound up being one of the top workers on the project. After the project was completed, Wesley went looking for work elsewhere. He found himself moving West as far as Louisiana working on industrial sites working seven, ten hour days with various subcontractors. After five years on the road, Wesley decided it was time to find something closer to home, so he could be with his family. A change in location didn’t mean a change work ethic. After completing a few different commercial projects with another firm, he found himself a position with the city as an Electrical Foreman. There, he learned about troubleshooting, installing, repairing and maintaining the city’s sports’ fields and municipalities. In addition to his regular work, Wesley would bid and complete small commercial projects on the weekends and go to school at night. After completing his IEC program, Wesley decided to take the Master Electrician’s Exam and passed. He set a new standard for himself. Now, he looked towards owning his own business.